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Join No Matter What for an overnight retreat at Rooted Timbers!

No Matter What Nonprofit is on a mission to connect people to their purpose while providing hope, support and education through classes that aide in healing and mental stability. The rates of suicide and other mental illness-related deaths is something that does not go unnoticed. We understand that many of you have gone through or are going through your own grieving process. That is why this organization has been looking forward to announcing that it is hosting the first annual Healing Heart Retreat from June 11 - June 12, 2022.


This is an event open to all forms of grief and loss.

You'll have an opportunity to enjoy a day pass OR overnight stay at Rooted Timbers, a remote forest reserve in Stuart, Iowa. This event has been created to provide you with ways to empower yourself during your journey of grief, no matter where you are in the process. And this semi off-grid location is the perfect place! You will have nature to surround you and bring relaxation, calmness and clarity to support you.

Stevie Lang will be present with us. She is the owner of Empowered Lives Network. Stevie will use her intuitive channeling abilities and feel into what this entire retreat is meant to bring to the collective group. Her unique, gifted abilities will also be available to you for personal sessions as you so desire (in addition to the ticket price).


You'll get the chance to meet Rachel Corpus who is an Angel Communicator & Psychic Medium. She'll share her knowledge about life after death and break the stigma about what happens if someone takes their own life. Her message may open your heart up to a new perspective and show you that our loved ones are always with us!


You'll also be introduced to Rachel Marie Degen who is the owner and founder of Explore Self & Soul. She specializes in breath and body movement where she will teach you how the power of your own breath can move energy in your body that will allow you to process your emotions at a deeper, more transformational level.

Mia Countryman is an Access Bars Facilitator who will have an open forum to the group where she'll provide education on what Access Bars is and how it may benefit your life. If you feel called to see what it's all about, she, too, will have availability for personal sessions that are an additional cost. 

Last, but not least, Melodie Polansky will close out the retreat with an evening sound healing journey. This will begin after everyone is nourished from a community dinner. Relax and delight in the beautiful frequency she will bring with sound bowls, rain sticks, drums, and more! Certainly to be a peaceful end to the night before our candlelit trail vigil.


Follow our Facebook event page as more details are announced!! 


If you are interested in attending, we are offering a $75/person day pass or it is a $150/person self-investment to stay overnight. Meals and lodging provided. Contact No Matter What if there are any questions!

All payments due by May 28, 2022.